Monday, May 24, 2010

Two Examples of Parallel Programming without Concurrency Constructs (PP-CC)

by Chen Ding, University of Rochester

Design-Oriented Programming: Macro-Driven Literate Programming in Self-Validating PDL

by Joel Vaughn

Specifying Input/Output by Enumeration

by Walter W. Wilson and Yu Lei, University of Texas at Arlington

Focusing on the Core

by Rupesh Nasre, Indian Institute of Technology, Bangalore

Subject/Observer is Dual to Iterator

by Erik Meijer, Microsoft

Dualities in Programming Languages

by Martin Hirzel and Priya Nagpurkar, IBM Research

The Unthinkable: Automated Theorem Provers for (Tracing) Just-in-time Compilers

Nikolai Tillmann, Michal Moskal, Wolfram Schulte, Herman Venter, Manuel Fahndrich, Microsoft Research