Monday, May 24, 2010

Resource-Based Programming in Plaid

by Jonathan Aldrich, CMU


  1. Many modern programming challenges center on the correct handling of abstract resources whose use is constrained in some way. These constraints include initialization before use, resource cleanup, safe coordination among threads, and usage protocols. Unlike class-based languages, the resource-based programming language Plaid models interfaces, representation, and behavior using states, and an object's state can change. Plaid's gradual, linear logic-based type system and runtime system will track both the state of an object and aliases to it, helping developers to assure that they access objects safely in both sequential and concurrent programs.

  2. If anyone has trouble with the paper URL above, you can also get the paper at

  3. For the FIT presentation today, we released a web portal where you can try out Plaid. The portal and other information are available at